Hog Roast Boscastle

Hog Roast BoscastleIf you’re in a pinch for premium catering at an affordable cost for your event then not to worry, Hog Roast Boscastle are here with our expert knowledge on all things, meat, food, and quality service. Hog Roast Boscastle is a caterer available for any and all types of events all throughout Cornwall, no matter the size or your budget. We’re more than happy to make your special day that little bit brighter with our premium roasts – be it weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, anniversary bashes, maybe even just a small dinner party amongst friends, Hog Roast Boscastle have you covered. Our speciality is in the finest quality meats prepared and lovingly slow-cooked for your pleasure. Our namesake hog roast is a joy to behold, not just to eat but also to watch being made, as our expert team tend away at our incredible mobile spit roaster until the taste and flavour of your meal is as finely tuned as it deserves to be. We know Boscastle might be famous for its popular Museum if Witchcraft but when it comes to our spit roasted pork, though it may seem like magic at work it is only the hard efforts of our lovely team – the taste does have a magic sparkle to it however!

At Hog Roast Boscastle we also ensure that every one of our products is sourced from local vendors and only the highest quality meats are picked out. That’s because when it comes to good food we do not want to compromise, and we also trust in the excellent local industry of the are too. You can always be assured that your food has come from good hands, and if you have any questions are team will be more than happy to provide their professional knowledge.

Fine Dining In Boscastle

Hog Roast BoscastleWe always recommend our speciality hog roast – it is in our name after all – but that does not mean we can’t also provide with an extensive buffet and menu list of foods all at the same top quality. We’re flexible to you, so if you wish for other meats, or our vegan options, vegetarian, or even gluten-free then we’re more than happy to provide.

So don’t hesitate today. Give Hog Roast Boscastle a call today and lets talk delicious catering now!