Hog Roast Kilkhampton

Hog Roast KilkhamptonLike much of our proud country, Kilkhampton boasts a long history to the very echelons of medieval knights, kings, and, well, importantly for us, great community feasts of fancy. That’s why we at Hog Roast Kilkhampton are proud to offer up a little taste of history with our incredible hog roast available to cater for your events. Our speciality pork spit roast provides the type of feasting spectacle one might have expected from the soldiers of yore – although we have lovingly improved upon the recipes and tastes since then! We work with only the finest quality meats available and we ensure that they are sourced locally too so that you know precisely the care and love that has gone into every dish. Our expert friendly staff will always be more than happy to remain on hand to tell you all about our dishes and how they are sourced and prepared.

Hog Roast Kilkhampton is available to hire for any and every event in Kilkhampton. Weddings, corporate functions, birthday’s, private dinner parties, fundraisers, church events – we do them all! We do not want anyone missing out on our great tase at Hog Roast Kilkhampton so we will always endeavour to follow up any enquiries and work with you to meet your needs no matter the size of your event or your budget. That’s because quite simply we just love being able to provide our excellent service to you and yours.

Fine Feasts Aplenty for Kilkhampton

Hog Roast KilkhamptonAt Hog Roast Kilkhampton we want to provide top catering for every one of your guests. That’s why though we will always recommend our speciality hog roast, we will never limit you on options. We have a full range of dishes to go into our buffet and set-menu options so that you can find the combination that meets all of your requirements. Any variety of meats, vegan options, vegetarian and gluten-free – we provide top quality options for all! That’s because we know just how delicious our cooking is and would be sorely disappointed if even one person had to miss out on it.

So call us today and find out what Hog Roast Kilkhampton can bring to your special event. We can’t wait.