Welcoming a New Little Piglet to the Hog Roast Percuil Family

Hog Roast PercuilAt Hog Roast Percuil we always think of ourselves as less of a company and more a as tight knit family all with one shared passion. To that end we are always heartbroken when one of our own move on to pastures new (although we do always wish them the best and support them for future endeavours), or delighted when we add one more to the Hog Roast Percuil family. And just this week we did in fact add another number to the family, though not one that will be roasting with us for at least a few years anyway!

Yes, there is a new “piglet” being welcomed into the open arms of the Hog Roast Percuil family this week as we congratulate our very own Sydney on the birth of her beautiful baby boy. Sydney has long been a valued and integral member to the Hog Roast Percuil team, and we have missed her dearly over this past while of maternity leave, but we were all warmed by the delightful news of her birth this week. As with any member of the Hog Roast Percuil team, Sydney’s new-born is immediately welcomed as one of our own. It may be a few years before this lil’ piglet is up at the hog roaster, spinning up wondrous spit roasts just like his dear mother, but we welcome him in now all the same. It will of course be a little while until we see Sydney back full time at the office too doing all that she does best, but we wouldn’t want her to miss out on any vital time with her littlun just now.

This is what it is like to both work for Hog Roast Percuil and to work with Hog Roast Percuil as we endeavour to always treat our workers, partners, and customers as one of the family. We’re a local team for local community, and that goes to the heart of all that we do here. If they say it takes a village to raise a child then at Hog Roast Percuil you might well say it’ll take a catering team to raise a lil “piglet”, and raise them right we will with all our love and support!