Rely On Hog Roast Gunwalloe Helping To Create Your Perfect Menu

Hog Roast Gunwalloe loves to cater with all sorts of different dishes, as we not only cook up a storm or two with our signature food, but we also do so with alternatives and additional dishes too, as we want to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy what we make. Using fresh, top-quality ingredients, which are local where possible, we cater with hog and spit roasts, options for special diets including meat-free dishes, various courses in addition to our sumptuous mains, and we also offer our very own standalone menus, which can make things even easier for you.

When you’re catering any kind of party or event where you’d like food to be the main feature, you need trusted professionals to take the reins and take the stress off of you, and with Hog Roast Gunwalloe, you’re in safe hands. Over many years, we’ve led the way with top-notch service and mouth watering food that suits all kinds of personal tastes, appetites and dietary needs, so whatever kind of menu you’re thinking of having, we’ve got it in the bag, even if you’d like to create your own from scratch by mixing and matching items from within ours.

Hog Roast GunwalloeMany of our customers ask us to serve our signature food of a traditional centrepiece hog roast, either made into pigs in buns or plated together with seasonal vegetables, potatoes and our homemade trimmings but if your dream menu includes your favourite spit-roasted meat instead, we’ll do you just as proud, with something special like a whole English lamb, sirloin of beef or free-range turkeys or chickens, and that’s whether you’d like them served with rolls and wraps, salad and coleslaw or potatoes and veg. You also have the freedom to add a yummy side or two, or perhaps you’d like a feast of dishes, to include canap├ęs, starters, sides and desserts instead – it’s all up to you!

We also have some gorgeous options for diets, like vegan pulled pork, veggie skewers and gluten-free pigs in buns, and you just need to let us know your guests’ needs when you book. So for your perfect menu, call Hog Roast Gunwalloe today and get booked in.