Safety In The Sun With Outdoor Dining Events At Hog Roast Malpas

A sudden heatwave across the country brings its plenty benefits and pleasantries for a caterer such as ourselves at Hog Roast Malpas, but it also brings many challenges too that we have to be all too aware of. This week Hog Roast Malpas were delighted to have one last surprise crack at our “summer events” with many outdoor events able to take place with the lush weather. But while it is easy to get enamoured with the wonderful heat and sunshine, when we are working your events guest safety is always top of our mind, so we took plenty of precautions and measures to ensure your events could continue without any unsavoury issues.

Hog Roast MalpasAs you might see on our website on a lot of our menus, we like to bring our own small serving tent to events. This gives us a nice place to set up that is immediately noticeable for guests, and gives us a good site to do all our roasting, but it also has the added benefit of keeping our chefs and our foods well covered from the elements. It being Britain those elements are more often that not the rain, but it is just as effective as keeping the sun off our backs. It gets hot enough next to that roaster without 30-degree heat too! It is also for the benefit of keeping our foods covered too. At Hog Roast Malpas we like to cook and serve from fresh for the very best tastes, but high levels of eat can more quickly spoil food, so we like to keep them in the shade with our tents.

We can also offer a similar covering for guests too so that the heat is kept off of them, allowing them to just soak up both the weather and our foods without dangers of sunburn or sun stroke. On weeks such as this our serving team will also take extra care to keep everyone hydrated for added safety.

It is meant to be an event for the right reasons, after all, so allow us at Hog Roast Malpas to keep it that way!