Tasty, Suitable Hog Roast Launceston Food For All Of Your Guests

Hog Roast Launceston For a taste sensation at your next party or event, one of our Hog Roast Launceston hog roast centrepieces will certainly be a big hit with you and your guests as you feast on hot, fresh meat and salty, crunchy crackling, once the pig has sizzled away to absolute perfection over several hours. We cook the top-quality, free-range meat directly at your venue on the day of your special occasion, so it’s as fresh as can be, and while we watch over it, it fills the airs with amazing aromas and is a real theatrical sight for sore eyes, and then once you take a bite, you simply can’t get enough so you’ll be queuing up for more!

You may prefer your Hog Roast Launceston hog roast made into pigs in buns, which is our name for hog roast rolls, and that’s where we cram the meat and crackling into floury rolls and wraps (both white and wholemeal, though we can also provide gluten-free ones on request), and then add our own-recipe apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing before handing over to you to devour with relish (or your choice of condiment!) If you’d rather enjoy a plated meal, we can serve your meat and crackling together with your choice of potatoes and seasonal vegetables, as well as our apple sauce and stuffing, and you also get lashings of our homemade onion gravy too.

While your taste buds may well be tingling at the thought, here at Hog Roast Launceston, we understand that our customers have their own personal preferences, so maybe you’d rather have us cook a spit-roasted main, like a whole English lamb, a sirloin of beef or some chickens or turkeys. We could instead serve one of our standalone menus, like our Traditional Barbecue, Southern Slow Roast, Loaded Fries or Alfresco, for something that little bit different to surprise your guests with, or you may need us to provide dishes for special diets or additional courses. It’s all up to you, depending on your wants and your guests’ needs, so whatever that is, give us a call and see how we can transform your next special occasion with tasty, suitable food.