In-Service Days At School? In-credible Service Days With Hog Roast Lerryn Catering.

Hog Roast PendeenWith bank holidays a dime a dozen at the moment it seems, building up that rhythm of routine and momentum at work can be a little more difficult, especially for our teachers who have in-service days and school students who are going to be even more (understandably) sluggish in the 3- and 4-day weeks. Plus, once you’ve gotten used to those 3- and 4-day weekends we of course never want to go back to the 5 day week again.

For one school near to Hog Roast Lerryn their head teacher, Jackie, had the novel idea of leaning into the more lax feel of the in service and bank holiday weeks by treating her school staff out of her own pocket with a Hog Roast Lerryn catered lunch. A perfect way to get refreshed and ready for the fuller weeks to return again!

Hog Roast LerrynThe staff had plenty of work to catch up on for their Tuesday in-service day to get their classes prepped for the lessons and time that may have been missed by the abundance of bank holidays, but unbeknownst to them they would get a relaxed hour over lunch to enjoy a roast dinner courtesy of yours truly. Our Hog Roast Lerryn team were snuck in by the head teacher in the morning and set up in an unused gym hall so that we could cook our roast away from prying eyes and noses. Jackie then scheduled an all hands meeting for just before lunch in the hall so that staff would all come in and be surprised all at once by our Hog Roast Lerryn team awaiting them with our hog roast buffet feast. The teachers were all very grateful in coming up to enjoy their buffet and got to all leisurely catch up with each other for the next hour before heading back to do more lesson prep.

Of course pupils coming in the next day couldn’t know there was ever a roast lunch in their gym hall, so Hog Roast Lerryn as always were efficient in tidying up and heading out with the place looking as if we had never been there. This is one treat just for the teachers only!